Bishop RR Caesar, Sr.Bishop Roderick R. Caesar, Sr., D.O.
Founder and President Emeritus 1900-1999
The Bethel Bible Institute was originally organized to meet the need for a systematic study of the Word of God. It was the first Bible institute organized in the Queens, New York area.

In spite of its humble beginnings, God has been pleased to bless our efforts, and year after year more and more students are registering and preparing themselves for service in life's harvest field.

Many of our graduates are now serving successfully as pastors, evanGertrude Caesargelists, missionaries and teachers in various ministries all over the world. Others are leading Bible studies, and enriching other church ministries with the knowledge and skills they have acquired at the Bethel Bible Institute. Extension schools have also been established in Brooklyn, Roosevelt, Amityville, Long Beach, and Westbury, Long Island; Lakeland, Florida; Trinidad, India, and South Africa