Statement of Accreditation


The Bethel Bible Institute is a member of the Accrediting Commission International of Schools, Colleges and Theological Seminaries.

As a member of the commission, two copies of all on-site studies are on file with the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.  The number is TX I-360-913 issued as of May 29, 1984.  Due to "separation of church and state", Bible institutes are not accredited by The New York State Education Department.

On December 26, 1991, BBI received a Certificate of Incorporation, under section 402 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law.  This certificate has been forwarded to The New York State Department of Education.

*Accrediting Commission International Inc., 
  P.O. Box 1030
  Beebe, AR 72012
  (866) ACI-1989