Tuition & Fees

    Non-refundable registration fee for each scholastic year:
        Undergraduate  -  $30.00
        Late Registration Fee   - $10.00 extra

    Undergraduate level -  $70.00 per course
    Auditing   -  $45.00 per course
    Certificate Programs  -  $140.00 per semester

Graduation Fees - (must be paid by April 15th)
    Undergraduate   -  $110.00

    "Let no debt remain oustanding, except the continuing debt to love one another . . ."  Romains 13:8

Payment of Student Account(s)

Recognizing the absolute necessity from prompt payment for all school fees is not only a good biblical principle, but also a demonstration of good character.  Bethel Bible Institute has established the following recommended policy for all campuses:

    No certificates, diplomas, degrees, transcripts or transfers of credit shall be given until all BBI financial obligations are paid in full.
    No returning student may register if his/her previous financial commitment is unsatisfied before registration.
    Please retain all receipts or canceled checks for your records.  If there are any discrepancies regarding financial status, the burden of proof falls on the student.


Three to four weeks is required to process all refunds.

Holding Applications

Payment for applications-on-hold is due one week after the date of registration.