Ministerial Degree

This diploma is awarded to students who complete 90 credits/10 courses in the Third Level Track. It is designed to give students aspiring to the Ministry the tools necessary to not only rightly divide the Word of Truth; but to impart the same to others whether it be one-on-one, a class setting, a pulpit or any other ministerial challenge that is set before them. Besides learning how to interpret the scripture, students will learn how to write sermons, etc.


Courses that are offered in this path include, but are not limited to:

BELIEVER'S AUTHORITY: A study of the authority all believers possess when in spiritual warfare.

CHRISTIANITY V. ISLAM: A course which equips the student to earnestly contend (polemics), and defend (apologetics), the Christian faith against the teachings of Islam. Topics include: Jehovah or Allah is God; Jesus or Mohammed is Messiah; the Koran or the Bible is God's book.

CULTS: This course discusses Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, the Masonic Lodge, the New Age Movement, Spiritism, Astrology, Occultism, Christian Positive Thinking/Positive Confession, and' Secret Societies that are challenging Christianity today. It serves the need for us to, not only be accurately informed about the religious practices and beliefs of today, but our own religious beliefs as well.

CRISIS IN CHRISTIAN MUSIC: Today there is a CRISIS IN CHRISTIAN MUSIC. Secular, pagan, and even occult musical styles have crept into the church, all dressed up with new Christian lyrics. 

Old, traditional hymns, tried and true, have been thrown on the scrap heap of church history. Naively, pastors, music directors, and younger members of congregations have often unknowingly embraced musical styles that can have spiritually negative effects on their listeners.

DEMONOLOGY: Is the study of demons or beliefs about demons.

DOCTRINE OF HELL: An in-depth study of the biblical teaching of the existence and realities of hell.

ELEMENTAL THEOLOGY: A brief survey of the biblical doctrines of Scripture, God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Angels, Man, Sin, Salvation, the Church, and Eschatology.

ESCHATOLOGY: A detailed study of "last things"; what God has revealed to us in Scripture concerning His plan for the future, His purpose and program.

FIVE-FOLD MINISTRY: An in-depth study of the five-fold ministry offices and their operation in the local Church assembly today.

HEBRAIC CONNECTION: A fascinating study of Christianity and its connection to Judaism, both in biblical times and today.

HOMILETICS: The study of the art and science of preparing and delivering sermons. Laboratory approach to long and short textual preaching with emphasis on Scriptural analysis, background materials and preaching style.

INTRODUCTION TO PROPHECY:  This course will examine the basics of prophecy: defining true prophecy; the purpose of prophecy; the realms of prophecy; the gift v. the office; the order of prophesying; and other relative matters.

LEVITICAL PRIESTHOOD: A comprehensive study of the service and ministry of this priesthood in relation to Israel and God.

MINISTERIAL EXCELLENCE: An awesome study of the character and lifestyle of every Christian as well as those called to special ministries. A look into the calling and personalities of the twelve disciples who were personally instructed by Christ.

MINISTERIAL ETHICS: Explains the unique moral role of the minister and the ethical responsibilities of the vocation and to provide "a clear statement of the ethical obligations contemporary clergy should assume in their personal and professional lives." 

MINISTRY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: The Biblical teaching relating to the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. A theological and historical examination of the Person and the work of the Holy Spirit from the Old Testament times to the present.

PASTORAL THEOLOGY: This course is designed for pastors and ministerial students who desire a practical study to keep the pastoral guidelines in constant focus. Course examines the pastor's life, calling, and the general care he provides for his flock.


SPIRITUAL GIFTS: An in-depth study of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, their purpose, diversities, and operation.

THE BATTLE IS ON:  Warfare and Your Spiritual Gifts; Armed and Dangerous

THEOLOGY 1 & 2: An in-depth study of the Doctrine of Scripture - its inspiration and canonization; and the Doctrine of God.

THEOLOGY 3 & 4: An in-depth study of the Doctrine of Christ - the person and work of Christ; and the biblical teaching relating to the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

THEOLOGY 5 & 6: An in-depth study of the Doctrines of Angels and the Doctrine of Man. Includes the supernatural work and ministry of angels, their origin, nature, orders and classifications. As pertaining to man, his origin, unity of grace, fall, and consequences of his fall.

THEOLOGY 7 & 8: An in-depth study of the Doctrine of Sin and the Doctrine of Salvation.

THEOLOGY 9 & 10: An in-depth study of the Doctrine of the Church and the Doctrine of Eschatology (Last Things).

THE DEVIL'S DOOR: If you feel vulnerable to attacks of the enemy, then perhaps you're leaving a door open to the devil. "My people who have gone into captivity because they have no knowledge," proclaimed the prophet Isaiah (Isa. 5:13). The Devil's Door equips you with the knowledge of how to avoid deception and teaches how obedience is the key to divine protection."

TYPOLOGY: This course gives a look into the types and symbols found throughout Scripture, mainly in the Tabernacle.