Seventy-four years ago the Bethel Bible Institute opened its’ doors to a systematic study of the Scriptures to those seeking to qualify for Christian Service. Many people who felt they had a call on their lives suddenly realized that because of family responsibilities, job situations, and various other commitments, they were not able to attend a resident Bible School for training. Believing that God deserves and requires trained workers to do His will, the vision of Bethel Bible Institute was born in the hearts of our founders the late Bishop Roderick R. Caesar, Sr. and wife, Rev. Gertrude M. Caesar. Their desire was to provide a place of study where people could receive a standardized code of study of the Word of God.


The Bethel Bible Institute first began with only a few students. The first graduating class consisted of approximately ten or twelve students, with Dr. Roderick R. Caesar and his wife Rev. Gertrude Caesar, as instructors. As the student enrollment grew, so did the faculty. Dr. Caesar actively served as the President of the Bethel Bible Institute until he retired in the mid-eighties with Godly pride, when his son Rev. Roderick R. Caesar, Jr. (now Bishop) assumed the role as President. During Rev. Caesar’s tenure as President, the Bible School became incorporated, and opened its doors to begin to outreach overseas. Dr. Caesar was instrumental in establishing schools in Trinidad and India.

Bishop Caesar II

Rev. Gertrude Caesar served as the Institute’s first Dean, Registrar, and Bursar, as well as one of its most beloved teachers. She served the Bible school diligently until the Lord took her Home. Sister Caesar is best remembered for her unique ability to remember each of her students’ names. Following Sister Caesar, Dr. Lillian Campbell-Ferguson served as Dean for approximately five years. Dr. Edna Leader who ministered for thirteen and a half years succeeded her. Dr. Leader was succeeded by Rev. Brenda Collier who proceeded to endeavor new challenges. Presently, Rev. Crystal Baines serves as Academic Dean; Pastor Beverly Caesar Sherrod as Executive Dean.

Bethel Bible Institute can give God praise for its thousands of students who have completed their studies and are now serving around the world as evangelists, missionaries, teachers, pastors, counselors and great helpers in various areas of Christian service.