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All applications and other information pertaining to the Bible Institute may be obtained from the Administative office at Bethel Bible Institute, 110-31 Guy R. Brewer Boulevard, Jamaica, New York 11433. You may call the office at 718-526-0744 or 526-1235, Monday through Thursday between 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. for an appointment. 

course registration
Dean Of Students

Student Status

  1. Matriculating Student: Must have a High School Diploma or its equivalent. He/she must follow an approved systematic program of study, leading to a certificate, diploma or degree.
  2. Non-Matriculating Student: May take courses in a systematic manner, take examinations, receive certificates and diploma, but no degrees will be received until a high school diploma or an equivalent has been earned.
  3. Withdrawal/Drop Out: If a student drops out for any reason an "Add/Drop" form must be filed in the office of the Registrar. Any student wishing to transfer courses with a grade of C-, D+, D and D- must audit that class (or its equivalent) at Bethel Bible Institute and pass the mid and final exams in order to receive credit for it. Grades of incomplete and F will not be accepted.
  4. Policy for Transferring Credit: Students transferring from other institutions must have an official transcript sent directly to the Bethel Bible Institute Office of the Registrar Transcripts will be evaluated on an individual basis by the Academic Dean of Schools.
  5. NOTE. All requests for transcripts from BBI will be mailed directly to the requesting institution. Said requests must be submitted in writing to the Office of the Registrar.
  6. Advanced Standing: At the discretion of the School's Administration, students may be granted advanced standing and a comprehensive exam required. (Call the office to schedule and exam date.)
  7. New Students Orientation: New students are expected to attend an orientation program usually held on the first day of Registration. This orientation program provides an introduction to academic life and will inform students of important dates and times of events and special programs offered at BBI. Students will also be able to interact with the faulty, staff, and other students to gather any necessary information needed, and become familiarized with registration procedures and academic guidelines.