Biblical Studies 

This diploma is awarded to students who complete 30 credits/10 courses in the First Level Track. It is designed to provide a comprehensive curriculum in the different aspects of the Bible including the Old Testament, New Testament and Gospels. Students of biblical studies will learn how to interpret the Bible within a historical context and look at the philosophical aspects of religion and practical aspects of ministry.

Associates In Biblical Studies

Associates of Arts is our 2nd Level courses designed to give students a strong biblical foundation along with practical experience in ministry. 

Ministerial Studies

This diploma is awarded to students who complete 90 credits/10 courses in the Third Level Track. It is designed to give students aspiring to the Ministry the tools necessary to not only rightly divide the Word of Truth; but to impart the same to others whether it be one-on-one, a class setting, a pulpit or any other ministerial challenge that is set before them. Besides learning how to interpret the scripture, students will learn how to write sermons, etc.

Bachelor of Ministry

Our Bachelor's Program is a Foruth Level Track offering higher education courses. 

Summer Program

Bethel's Summer Programs are intense 3-credit courses, that convene for extended hours. This enables the student to learn what otherwise would be covered in our 12-week courses. Attendees need not be credit-seeking students, the classes are open to all who want to lean more about the Bible The topics that are offered range from historical background theology to modern views regarding Christianity.


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